Traffic Challenge – My Results So Far…..

Wow I’ve been really busy since I wrote my last blog post when I told you all how little traffic I had been getting to my blog over the last few weeks.

Well during the last week I have made some progress and I wanted to let you all know what I have been doing.

First off I just did a bit of “housekeeping” but it actually made a fair bit of difference. The first thing I did was submitted my last post to the top ten social bookmarking sites including Digg, and StumbleUpon and I also made sure to Google +1 the post as well. I noticed a few visitors from Digg and SU within a short time of doing this, so this is something that I will be repeating for all new posts that I add to my blog!

I also went over to Fiverr and purchased a gig that submitted my rss feed out to the directories, so now every time I publish content it will be syndicated throughout the web for more exposure.

I received a lot of comments to my last blog post and I think most of that was down to the fact that I posted a link to it on my Facebook wall and in a few of the Facebook groups that I belong to. I made sure that I replied to all of the comments that were left and also tried to visit all the blogs of the people that had commented and reciprocate the favour.

I continued to post comments and add value in the main section of the Warrior forum, but although I’m assured that forum posting is a very effective way to get traffic to my blog I must say that hasn’t been my experience just yet.

Lastly and by no means least I have been “blog hopping” which just means that I’ve been visiting high traffic blogs in my niche and leaving useful comments that add value on them.

The way I have been finding these blogs is simple. I used the Google keyword tool to find key phrases that have high monthly searches.  For example the keyword phrase “internet marketing blog” has 22,200 global monthly searches. So pasting that term into search I worked my way through the list of blogs.

You can of course do this for any keyword in any niche if it has a high search volume and I’ve found that I have had quite a few visitors coming to my site referred from the blogs that I had left comments on. I found this method of driving traffic very effective!

So what about the stats I hear you ask?

Below are the stats from Google Analytics for the 7 days prior to me starting my traffic campaign – pretty poor really and a high bounce rate too!

And here are the stats for the past 7 days from when I began my campaign. Looking much better already I’m sure you’ll agree!


As mentioned above blog commenting proved very effective, but by far the most traffic I have gotten this past week has been from Facebook. So this is where I will be mainly concentrating my efforts over the next week and you’ll notice that I have already added a Facebook comments box under this post 😉

I hope you’ve enjoyed my findings so far and as always I’d love if you could leave a comment below this post and let me have your thoughts and feedback.


Catch up soon